The Empower Network Scam- A New Age Internet Pyramid Scheme?

by Justin Tillman on November 16, 2011

It’s been a little over a 2 Month since the company first launch and already there are thousands of people wanting to know:

The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide

ong style=”font-size: medium;”> Is The Empower Network a Scam?

If you have already seen the Empower Network Compensation Plan at first glance, it very much could get mistaken for a new age Internet pyramid scheme. They keep using the tagline about earning 100% commission getting deposited directly into your bank account.

There has NEVER been an affiliate in the history of affiliate marketing that has ever gotten paid 100% commissions before in the internet marketing industry or any industry for that matter.


Because, A most companies, in fact every company till The Empower Network would want to get some profits for providing the vehicle for affiliates to make money.

And B because most companies simply could not afford to give up their profits and keep their business going without going bankrupt.

For the two reason mentioned above, as far as an Empower Network Scam, this would definitely throw up a RED flag.

David Wood and David Sharpe the creators of the Empower Network say they are on a mission to help people who have never made a dollar online. They feel that the little guy should have a chance to make big checks too, just like the GURU’S.

This just it seems too good to be true. Especially, if you’ve never heard of them before or don’t know their background.

However, once you dig a little bit deeper into the history of where these guys came from you will quickly realize that David Wood and Sharpe, most ethical guys on the planet.

The deal is this, both him and his partner are making money. And how they are doing it, is the same way you and I have the potential to make money, which is through marketing the memberships and products they have available in the program.

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So what exactly is in the program?

The Empower Network Model Compensation Plan

The model goes a little something like this when you sign up you pay your sponsor, either$25, $100 and/or $500 for a total upon commissions of $650 and $125 a month after that. Then in order for you to get your money back.

You first have to sign up to get a merchant account. This merchant account will allow for a 3rd party gateway company to deposit the funds directly

into your bank Account. Then your job is from your marketing efforts to get as many people as possible to see the sales video, currently i’ve been converting at 4% conversion rate. Meaning for every 28 people who have seen this video, will end up turning into a sale.

Each person that see’s the video, assuming you own all the products, you have the potential to make up to $625 in upfront commissions and $125 a month in monthly residual income after that, so clearly the more people you bring into the sales funnel the more money, you can potentially make. Now let’s be clear you are not paying your sponsor money just to be in the company because that my friends would definitely make a Empower Network Scam.

BUT this is not the case, what people are buying into are 2 things:

Here are How the Empower Network Product Program Works

Each Product You Buy is a Stand Alone Product

The $25 a month membership is a blogging system that come will all the bells a whistles, you get a fully hosted optimized blog, with a sales funnel, high converting sales video where David Wood and Sharpe, who are doing all the selling for you, you get an email follow-up system that updates all your leads about up and coming webinars where your leads will be sold on buying into the opportunity.

The $100 a month membership is an inner circle program, where you get all the unique tips and insights to what all the people who are on pace to making six figures in this company are doing, so that you can lead your team and help them make money in their business.

The $500 one time fee Costa Rica Intensive training program, which sold for about $3000, is an 8 hour training program which is a pure info video that teaches the mindset and psychology of a millionaire going from 6 figures to a 7 figures.

If you are uncertain on how to get traffic to your blog check out our free 10 Day Traffic Bootcamp, this will teach you everything you need to know about building a profitable Empower Network Business.

Then the second thing:

You are buying into the Empower Network for the ability to have re sell rights. This means that you can only sell a product that you own. So if you purchase the $25 a month product you can only sell that, if you buy $100 a month product you can sell both and if you own the Costa Rica Intensive, you can sell all three.

It makes perfect sense to why they’ve made it so you can’t sell a product you don’t own, they want to remove the unethical practices that some marketers might be tempted to use, if they weren’t required to purchase the product.

So you maybe thinking to yourself okay The Empower Network is not a new age Scam, but why should I join?:

1) If don’t have any blogging skills this is a perfect place to start learning. With my personal blog it took me one year before I made my first dollar. With Empower Network Blog I was able to make my first dollar in 2 days.

2) You can make up to $625 and up to $125 residual commissions every time one person joins. Meaning if you just sign up 10 people you could make $6250 in up front commission and $1,250 in passive income. Now I understand that is in perfect world. But that is certainly possible to within a 4 to 12 week period of time, even if you are brand new.

3) You can promote a copy and paste system for people who join your team to follow.

4) And if anyone quits, you get all the traffic they generate to their website and plus all of the future commissions. (THIS PART IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE)

5) This is a perfect way to find and help prospects, seeking ways to make money. They could be a perfect candidates for your MLM Business (if you have one), or any other business your might have. And because they have already bought into the Empower Network system, you know they are marketers. So they are much more of a serious prospect instead of tire kickers not ready to take action-you can’t really put a price tag on that value of that.

So here is my final Caveat

There is serious money to be made in the Empower Network, however if you are new don’t get caught up in thinking that you will make $10,000 a month your very first day, week or even month. Unless you already have a pre existing network or you have a high level of internet marketing skills, you will need to put in some work.

This is a business just like any other online business from the stand point it will take some upfront effort to get this thing off the ground. You’re going to have to blog, you’re going to have to market and drive people to the sales funnel. And you going to have to be CONSISTENT. However, the effort you must put in this thing to make it grow is definitely worth the reward. So, as far as the opportunity goes this is bar non the best opportunities on the INTERNET today.

If you are uncertain on how to get traffic to your blog check out our free 10 Day Traffic Bootcamp, this will teach you everything you need to know about building a profitable Empower Network Business.





NO B.S, our team is the real deal, the bottom are the results from a resent contest that I was in from March 12 to April 1st. Out of a competition of over 20,000+ active members in the empower network, because of the team training that you will be access to if you decide to come on board. I was able to finish 96th.

So, if you are looking for team who know’s what they are doing and you are serious about taking your business to the next level, consider joining our team.

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