Is Amway a Scam? A Third Party Tell All Review

by Justin Tillman on December 12, 2011

Is Amway a scam? This

is a third party, tell all review. I am not a part of this company, I have nothing to hold back, and after you read this, you will know the truth.

If you have stumbled upon this article through a Google search, there is a good chance that a family member, a friend or an acquaintance has approached you about joining them in their Amway business. Maybe you have even attended an Amway business briefing and liked what you heard. The sales pitch is solid, the financials are solid, and the representatives always make such a compelling case for why Amway is such a great business model.

However, before you allow yourself to get too excited, you need to know the answer to one big question that keeps popping up in the back of your mind. You know it’s an important question, and one that you can and should ask, but you just have this nagging feeling that you aren’t going to get a straight answer. So before making the big decision to join the company, you want to know: is Amway a scam?

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 50 years, you definitely heard of Amway long before the sales seminar or your neighbor’s business pitch. So you have probably heard or seen the Amway name dozens of times, but why haven’t you checked it out until now? And why do you, and nearly 10,000 other people each month, head online curious to see if Amway is a scam?

The fact is that Amway is no different than any other major network marketing company. It is also no secret that they have seen their share, and then some, of legal battles.  The biggest battle for Amway came in 1977 when the Federal Trade Commission, the FTC, investigated the company to answer that same million dollar question: is Amway a scam? And more specifically, is Amway’s business model just one big pyramid scheme? The FTC wanted to know whether Amway was making its money selling a product, or whether it actually made its money through an elusive recruitment scheme. After two years, millions of dollars, and countless man hours, the FTC finally ruled that Amway had a legitimate business model.

So, we now know that Amway has the FTC’s stamp of approval, but I know that voice in the back of your mind is still asking: is Amway a Scam? So maybe you don’t buy the FTC’s conclusion. Maybe you need a more obvious sign. Let’s take the Amway Center, home of the Orlando Magic. If the FTC and the State of Florida approve this company to represent their basketball team, maybe we take this as a pretty good sign that Amway is NOT A SCAM.

For years, men and women from all walks have life have been securing their financial destiny by partnering with Amway; and they still do to this day.

The issue is not with the company itself, but it is with the people who become involved with Amway. The majority of people who get involved with Amway have little idea of what it will take to be successful. This is why some Amway business owners fail and in turn blame the company. They write off their own personal failures and instead paint Amway as a scam, an illegitimate business.


Men and women from all walks of life have been securing their financial destinies for years partnering up with Amway,and still do to this day.The issue is, the majority of people who first get involved with this company have little idea about what it really takes to become successful before joining the Amway business enterprise. This is why some individuals believe that Amway is a scam. With that being said, you and I both know

this is not true.The truth is you can succeed with this business – however don’t expect it to be a cake walk. It will take a focused mind, hard work, and discipline to make Amway a lucrative business for yourself.

So if the Amway Scam is not true, why is it that most people fail to make a profit in this 9 Billion Dollar Company?

You will find the answer in 2 Parts.

Part 1: The majority of people who start an Amway business have never been in business before. So they are used to getting paid by trading their time for money. Go to work for 9 hours, get X amount of dollars for each hour.  

Network Marketing is different; it’s a business model, and we get paid through results. We don’t get paid for showing up; we get paid for selling products. Now we can either choose to sell the product by ourselves or we can choose to build an organization that sells our products for us. The latter is clearly the better choice. However, building an organization takes time, and most people just don’t have the patience. After not seeing any profit, many people assume there is an Amway scam and they quit.

Part 2: Amway reps fail to make a profit because many reps are taught to market their business the old school way, which is to approach family and friends. The challenge is that unless you have a network of 2,000 to 3,000 people that you contact about your business, you will eventually run out of people to talk to within a few short months.

This means you are going to have to recruit people you don’t know in the cold market, where many people experience a lot of rejection and find recruiting to be nearly impossible. This is why most of the people think there is an Amway Scam, and they don’t stick around long enough to make it work.

So if Amway is a legitimate business, how can you make it work?

Pay close attention here, because MOST Amway reps will miss this when they join, therefore they fail and tell other people that Amway is a scam when it is definitely not true. 

The answer is pretty straightforward: many successful Amway leaders utilize the power of the internet and leverage a technique called attraction marketing to brand themselves as a person of value -instead of trying to pitch their Amway business opportunity to their family, friends or associates who aren’t interested anyway.

They use keyword research to find laser targeted leads interested in the network marketing, and then position themselves to be a person of value by solving a challenge or issue that they my face.

Once this is successfully accomplished, these leaders in a REJECTION FREE manor will generate leads and sponsor men and women into their organization, PLUS earn money from these people even if they don’t join their company. So how do they do it? What exactly is the most effective methods today they are using to get laser targeted Amway Leads to there business?

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