Melaleuca Review– Caution! Watch Out for The Trap

by Justin Tillman on January 11, 2012

Is there a

Melaleuca scamCould Melaleuca distributors find themselves in trouble in 2012? 

Before we begin, I think it’s important for you to understand that I have no affiliation with Melaleuca and I am not a direct competitor of the company. This is a 100% third party review of the company because I see the rapidly growing problem that most Melaleuca reps are facing.

In this review, I’m going

to shed some light on issues that reps are facing and show you how you can prevent yourself from falling into the traps that so many Melaleuca reps are running into. But before we continue I want you to understand that the vicious rumors about Melaleuca being scam are not true.

Melaleuca Review- On Melaleuca and Other Health Related MLM’s

I’m not a huge fan of companies that sell health products and teach their reps to sell people on uniqueness of the product in order to recruit new distributors into the business. 

However, if you are passionate about health and nutrition, then I would certainly suggest that you stay within alignment of what makes you happy. Because Melaleuca definitely produces a top of the line nutritional products, and there is certainly a huge difference in high quality nutritional products vs products you may find in any other local health food grocery store.

Every top of the line nutritional company, whether be a network marketing company or just a regular brick and mortar business, has real scientists who back their products by doing independent lab testing, special patents and have impressive records -which is important and you should look for that when you are using or selling a product. However my point is, at the end of the day, it all SOUNDS THE SAME.

Melaleuca Review-The Trap Most Melaleuca Reps Fall Into

Sounding the same becomes a problem when there are literally hundreds of health and wellness mlm companies all competing for your business and trying to recruit you in their company, by sheer facts alone.

So as you can probably image, selling Melaleuca comes with competitive challenges that many people do not factor into the equation for how they will choose to market this product, in such a fierce market.

To make matters worse, Melaleuca encourages it’s distributors to direct their prospects to their company replicated websites. When the cold hard facts are that whether you are in Melaleuca rep or some other network marketing company, cookie cutter websites simply DO NOT WORK!.

They’re bland, they are  generic and tens of thousands of other reps from competing company are doing the same thing, your leads are literally sick tired of visiting video presentations.

Don’t believe me? Just spend a sold 20 minutes on Facebook or Twitter, look around and you will see thousands people try to spam you. 

Then once you’re done send a few of those people a message and ask them how many people they have personal recruited into their business last month using those techniques. And I promise you the number will not be high,

1. Because social media is not a place to sell, it’s a  place to socialize and build relationships and

2. When you spam someone that does not allow them the opportunity to know, like and trust you. (Even if you are a great guy or girl)

Now, your probably saying okay,  ”GUY so how many people did you sponsor in your business last month, if you know so much?”

And the answer 7. And on top of that every single one of those people, called me and asked me about my business instead of the other way around.

Think about it, look around on my website, do you see anything about my company or my compenstation plan,  NOPE.

You’re probably wondering what company I’m in right now? And guess what? That same curiosity, it what drives people to pick up the phone and ask me about my business.

Another, reason I was able to sponsor 7 people into my business last month, is because instead of trying to recruit my family and friends,  spam people on social media websites and trying to promote my plain vanilla company website, I decided to learn some critical skills like branding, marketing and mlm lead generation.

I mean if you’re in the network marketing industry, shouldn’t learning how to become a MARKETER be a top priority?

See when you brand YOURSELF, instead of the company this automatically makes you stand out above your competition.

You see people don’t join, companies replicated websites they join PEOPLE.

And since you are promoting your company, people have to know who you are, otherwise your just another fly in the over saturated ointment.

When you learn marketing, you can position the brand of YOU, in front of the 4 million people ever single day doing Google searches looking to start a home based business.

The life blood of your business comes from the amount of leads you can bring into your business, every single day. 

Imagine putting yourself in a position to having a system that allows you to have a never ending flow of targeted leads, who are looking for an opportunity like Melaleuca and not only are they looking, but ready to BUY!

The best part is that when you learn from a system that teaches you the skill of marketing, you will be able to pass on a highly sought after and valuable skill to your downline, so that they could follow in your footsteps and get similar results, because the truth is you don’t want to recruit tire kickers into your organization, you want to recruit and train an army of marketers.

Learning the skill of branding, marketing, lead generation and having your recruits plug into a system that teaches them how to do the same, will be the catalyst that will help your Melaleuca business absolutely explode through the roof!

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To Your Success,

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