Primerica Review: Is it too good to be true?

by Justin Tillman on October 19, 2011

This Primerica Review is broken down into 2 Sections: In the first section, we will discuss the origin of company and in the second w

e will do a review of Primerica’s online business opportunity.

Primerica Financial Services was founded in 1977 by Art Williams. Art was inspired to create the company when his father died and he was left with only a few thousand dollars, barely enough to pay for the funeral expenses – and certainly not enough to help his mother when she was left to pay all the bills.

Later, his uncle who worked for an insurance company, told Art that his father would have been able to leave more money to his family if he had only purchased term insurance. Art become seriously confused about why the person who sold his dad the insurance didn’t help him choose the best possible insurance.

His uncle revealed to Art that even though term life insurance paid 5 to 10 times more to the family of the insured, the agents who sold the insurance didn’t make as much money on selling term insurance policies. So instead of offering term insurance as a primary solution, most agents preferred to sell whole life insurance which offered a better commission because it was far more expensive. Art become furious and determined to change the insurance industry.

He figured that if he could educate and inform families of this injustice, conspired by the major life insurance companies of the time, he could prevent others from going through what had happened to his mother and him when his father died.

Now flash forward 34 years later, Primerica is one of the largest and more successful financial companies in the world. A primary reason for the company’s success is that Art had the foresight to use the network marketing business model.

On Google there are many negative reviews about Primerica being a scam, primarily because it’s a network marketing company. However many people who have created these reviews truly know little about the history of the company or how it got started.

The sad truth is that most people never do any real research about companies – and that prevents them from getting involved with good opportunities. Here are some facts to consider:

  • Primerica is a publicly traded company.
  • Primerica has about 35 billion dollars in assets under management
  • Primerica has a massive sales for of about 100,000 representatives.
  • Primerica insures more than 4.3 million lives with term insurance policies that pay out 5 to 10 more to families than tradition whole life insurance policies.
  • Primerica pays out over 2.5 million dollars in death benefits daily.

Keeping in mind of how the company was started through Art Williams, and the indisputable public info about the history of the company, it’s safe to say that Primerica is a solid company that’s not going anywhere.

Next Let’s Do a Review of Primerica Online Business Opportunity

In the 80’s and 90’s, franchises were a very popular trend, especially for entrepreneurs. Why? Because purchasing a franchise removes the guess work out of:

  • Finding the right location;
  • Successfully negotiating a lease;
  • Hiring the right employees;
  • Creating a successful marketing system to get people in the doors;

Franchising just made sense because everything was done all at one-time, with one budget. For instance, if you buy a franchise you’re purchasing a complete turnkey business. However, now that economy is down in the dumps, many hard working people are not getting approved for loans – even with good incomes and credit scores. And let’s face it, few have $500,000 to $1,000,000 cash laying around ready to personally fund investing in a franchise?

You don’t need to qualify for any loans to join the Primerica opportunity. Financially all you need to get started with Primerica is a $125 application fee, which is used primarily to conduct a criminal background check. Since they are a financial services company and they are heavy regulated by the SEC, any felonies or money related issues will result in a rejection from working with company.

Besides that you’ll need an additional $25 dollars a month in order to pay for Primerica Online which will give you access to practice exams to help you get licensed in life insurance and securities. You also gain access to loads of audio and video training on recruiting and building your network marketing business. In essence, you get all the educational resources that you’ll need to build 6 to 7 figure income.

The opportunity is lucrative because instead of spending millions of dollars building brick and mortar establishments for every region that they service, and then pumping millions more into developing and initiating marketing campaigns, they are able to pass on those dollars to independent representatives who diligently adhere to the proven system.

You can start the opportunity part time while you work full time at your job. This allows you to benefit from a safety net as you are going through the motions of getting your MLM business off the ground.

The only drawback that I see with this company is they still use the traditional network marketing techniques that most network marketing companies use, which is through social circles (aka the “tell your friends & family” approach). Note that I’m not knocking this because many people have went on to make hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars with this approach. It is rather uncommon though.

However, we are in the 21st century and multilevel

marketing (MLM) companies in general often have negative stigmas attached. Some Primerica representatives have got involved with the opportunity, got chastised by friends, had no one show up and quit because they weren’t making any money. You’ll find that to be true of almost every legitimate online business opportunity. That certainly doesn’t mean that the opportunity is a scam though. Rather, it just means that not everyone is cut out to become successful online entrepreneurs.

The #1 one reason why most businesses fail is not due to lack of capital, like most people think, but rather the lack of sales needed to fuel the business as it goes through its growing stage. Think about this, if you were getting a consistent flow of qualified prospects interested in buying your product and joining your opportunity, wouldn’t you have a better shot a success?

Of course!

Then the formula is quite simple:


So the the most important thing you have to do in order make your Primerica business successful is find a way to get more qualified leads to your opportunity. Then, all you have to do is consistently generate these leads into a sales funnel which allows you to build a relationship with your prospects so they begin to know, like and trust you. Once they establish trust, they will buy from you and/or join your opportunity.

Once you have this system in place, you will start advancing within the ranks of the company. If no one has every taught you how to create a system that generates qualified prospects to your opportunity, then check out this free video that will give you insight into a new age network marketing strategy. It will literally change the way you look at prospecting, FOREVER.

Within this system, you will learn how to:

  • Contact thousands of network marketers already looking to join your opportunity.
  • Create “almost magic” way to create 100% duplication within your downline!
  • Quickly get yourself, and your newest reps, into a positive cash flow state – even if you don’t make money in your company the first few months.
  • Generate 10 to 20 qualified leads a day on autopilot from the comfort of your home without cold calling a soul (unless you want to).
  • And much more…

I just recently started to implement these strategies and within my first day I generated over new 10 leads. It was a wild and crazy rush and the best part is that I didn’t spend a single dime to do it! You will learn exactly the same thing that I am using now to funnel free leads to your business.

Let me know how this MLM lead generating formula works for you and if this has opened your eyes to a new approach towards doing business.

I hope this Primerica Online Review has been helpful. Stay tuned for many more MLM Reviews to come. Well that’s it for now.

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